Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One of my dear friends has gotten into blogging, and by reading her posts, I was reminded of how much I enjoy blogging too!  I have a real passion for writing, and once I left school, I no longer had an outlet to express myself through writing.  Unfortunately, I am not working in a creative field where I would get a chance to write and express myself, so blogging will be a place where I can do just that. 

Will post something soon!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crushes for 2010

1) Tory Burch Bijou Washed Leather Hobo-$435.

  I love this bag because its am everyday, wearable, more affordable take on Chanel's iconic bags.  The quilted design and gold hardware gives this bag some major pizzaz, yet the color and the washed leather makes it more casual.  I love casual bags with some flair.

2)The Clarisonic Brush-$150-225 depending on the size that you purchase.

This device has only been out on the market for a year or so, but it has already gained cult status.  For someone with troubled skin, I think this device would do wonders for my skin.  And you know that I love the pink color!

3) Corso Como Atlanta Flat-69-100 depending on the style that you purchase

I love zippers and i love pointy flats.  Enough said.  On sale at DSW for 69 bucks.  Hellz yea.

4) Williams Sonoma Fish for Dinner Cookbook-19.95
After my father in law, the most avid runner that I know, had an open heart surgery procedure, me and the hubby decided that it was important that we eat more healthy.  I am always on the hunt for good vegetarian and sea food recipes.  Williams Sonoma's website has a few recipes and they all have been super tasty.  This book would be a great addition to my cook book repertoire. 

5) Couldn't choose between two: Calla Watergarden-675 or Rose Vase-425
Calla Watergarden is so contemporary and fresh looking.  It is a stunning floral decoration, at an equally stunning price! 

This rose garden is a modern take on the floral arrangements you will typically see at a formal dining room table. Well, I'd have to first purchase the formal dining room table first before even thinking about getting a floral arrangement to place on top of it!

So that is it for my crushes of 2010.  I'm sure 2011 will bring love, health, happiness, and more crushes! 

My love hate relationship with blogging.

I've always been so overcritical with my writing. Although a healthy dose of criticism is required for growth and improvement in any endeavor, too much of it can weigh you down and make you afraid of failure. Writing-like any creative activity-requires wings, in the form of an imagination, to fly. and that is what blogging is for me, a place to fly without falling.

I have a love hate relationship with blogging. Before Facebook monopolized the social network market, blogging was how people would create this online persona. For some people, their status as an online celebrity was well deserved-they were talented, revealed aspects of their lives that they would not feel comfortable doing if they knew their readers in person, and they really pulled their readers into their world. But for most everyone else, xanga and the like was a way to brag about how cool, cultured, and popular they were. But I guess I should just take it for what it was for me-a way to develop small thoughts into full blown posts. And that is the great thing about writing-once a word, a thought, a sentence is written down, you can just let your fingers do the thinking and you will surprise yourself as to what develops. And I love surprising myself.